Know about Natural Dandruff Treatment

People who have dandruff will surely agree that it is a very embarrassing condition. Dandruff is a skin disorder condition that needs to be treated right away. There is a lot of natural dandruff treatment out there for those who have dandruff. Usually, the most common cure is the anti dandruff shampoos. These shampoos are being prescribed to people who have a mild case of dandruff. However, for individuals who are having a hard time with their severe dandruff, they will most likely need to consult their dermatologist. They are the only people who are knowledgeable when it comes to this condition.

When it comes to the causes of dandruff, there are two types. These causes can either be external and internal. For the internal causes, poor hygiene, lack of rest, excessive sugar, fat and emotional stress is listed. As for the external causes, the list includes hair sprays, indoor heating and infrequent shampooing. For sure, there are people out there who are looking for natural remedies. This works best for people who want to be spared from side effects and the like. There are various natural treatments that people can consider in order for them to deal with the problem.

Among the natural treatments include camphor with coconut oil. This can be done by just mixing a spoonful of camphor together with coconut oil. Once the mixture has been done, it needs to be applied on the scalp. Massage it in order to relax the scalp. This is very effective. For those who do not like this, hazel with lemon can be considered too. With this, the lemon juice just needs to be mixed with water. 100 grams for lemon juice and 200 ml for water, then after, the hair needs to be washed using the said mixture. There is no telling when to stop this treatment. It just needs to be applied until the hair is already spared from dandruff. There is also a natural treatment made of olive oil and almond oil. The two needs to be combined. They need to be combined in parallel parts. Then after, it needs to be massaged on the scalp. Then after, it has to be left for about five minutes. Pain killer with shampoo can also be considered. With this particular remedy, two aspirins need to be crushed. Then after, the crushed product has to be mixed with the shampoo. Then just apply it on the scalp and leave it there for about 2 minutes.

Adding to the natural remedies is the glycerin with coconut oil. With this treatment, a tablespoon of glycerin needs to be prepared first. It has to be coupled with a tablespoon of vinegar and coconut oil and then one egg. All of these need to be mixed together. This mixture will turn into a paste after. Then just leave the mixture on the scalp. Having a dandruff free scalp is always possible. With this, the key is a good hygiene. Try the above mentioned remedies!

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